Volontari di Maria Immacolata

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Building a Nursery School in Munkamba

For those who do not know, we have already started building a Primary School called ” Our Lady’s School of Munkamba”. The lake of Munkamba is one of the 4 Districts that make up...

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News from Bangui

News from Bangui After the seizure of power by the Seleka Rebellion on 24th March 2013, one of the leaders of the rebellion proclaimed himself president of the Republic. Despite the fact that Seleka,...

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Tribute to Romeo Maring

Our friend and volunteer, engineer Romeo Maring, died on 26th August 2013 at the age of 62 after a brief illness. A man of faith, he joined the association Volontaires de Marie Immaculée and...

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Mission in Munkamba

 In februari 2013 twenty vilunteers from Friuli will go to Munkamba, Democratic Republic of Congo, for a humanitarian mission, in order to give again somewhat hope to that population completely left to their own....



vendredi matin depart pour le lac Munkamba. le depart de Mbuji Mayi pour Munkamba est prévu pour le samedi matin.